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Have you ever known someone with an uncanny ability to influence, never quite figuring out what they possessed that gave them such power? Have you ever worked with someone who held no college degree, no formal title, and no aspiration for leadership, but who demonstrated greater influence with team members than many with the title […]

                                                    Orin Zebest Ruth walked into Richard’s office and gave her two-week notice. As she delivered the news that she’d just been hired as CEO of another organization, her boss looked on–speechless. When at last able to speak, all Richard could muster was,  “Congratulations.  How wonderful for you.” As Ruth went on talking, Richard […]

Meet Dawn, a “clean up” artist, and CEO of a large healthcare facility. My initial intent was to tell you her story, but decided that, with her permission, her telling her story in her own words would give you the clearest picture. I remember as if it were yesterday when she said, “I gotta tell […]

Are you up for an honest self-assessment? If so, answer this question: On a scale of 10 (high) to 1 (low), where would you rank yourself as an encourager of others? Do you give freely? Or do you withhold from others even when it is within your power to give?

On Saturday I was guest speaker at an event put on by a local PEO (Philanthropic Educational Organization) organization that raises money for women’s higher education.  The event was titled Hogs and Kisses as they’d asked me to speak on the topic of my book, You CAN Teach a Pig to Sing.

Every four years the Summer Olympics get my maximum attention. The athletes, with their stories, their struggles and their triumphs, always inspire and rarely disappoint, even when they fail to win the gold.  If you are as addicted to watching the games as I am, I’m wondering if you’ve noticed how many Olympians, when interviewed, […]