Learn how this CEO almost doubled revenue in less than five years at the helm.

Kathy Crosby Interview

Kathy Crosby, CEO of Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids, MI, took timefrom her busy schedule to sit down with me to answer three important questions:

1)  How did you come to be the CEO of Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids? [Her story is a fascinating one, especially for those of you who feel that you have no hope and no place to go to improve yourself and your life.  Kathy is proof that “you can do it!”

2)  What did you do to make the changes that have resulted in such massive growth for your organization, almost doubling revenue in less than five years?

1)   What is your personal philosophy and what difference has that made?

Listen now and find out how one woman took her life into her own hands, making monumental changes in herself, her organization, and the community in which she lives and works.  You will be encouraged and inspired to do more, be more, serve more!  Enjoy!

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