Leadership, Sales & Customer Service Seminars by Mary Jane Mapes

Mary Jane Mapes knows that each organization faces its own set of challenges and goals. That’s why she offers in-depth, customized seminars that can help your employees master conflict, improve accountability, cultivate influence, and develop both communication and customer service skills.

Leadership & Customer Service Seminars by Mary Jane Mapes

Core Attitudes for Success

Leadership begins with a positive attitude – toward people, service, employees, peers, customers, and the organization. Mary Jane can help your people:

  • Develop self-awareness
  • Enhance the ability to self-manage
  • Exercise the power to choose
  • Develop personal accountability
  • Discover the best in one another
  • Create a service oriented mind-set

Developing Influence

In order to influence and move people to action, leaders must be able to connect, communicate, and engage listeners. Mary Jane can help your group:

  • Develop a powerful executive presence
  • Communicate and sell ideas
  • Build trust and rapport
  • Gain active involvement in presentations
  • Develop a compelling message
  • Deliver a winning presentation
  • Achieve message retention & positive persuasion
  • Field questions with finesse

Creating Customer Loyalty

Helping others get what they want is fundamental to profitability, because repeat and referral business is the real profit for any organization. Mary Jane discusses:

  • Four critical elements of “bring ’em back” customer service
  • The dollars and sense of service excellence
  • How to create and keep repeat and referral business
  • Maximizing first impressions
  • Taking personal responsibility for outcomes
  • Words to use, words to lose, and what to say instead
  • Handling upset with tact and skill
  • The service mindset

Understanding Others

Understanding people’s needs and desires is a key part of leadership. This knowledge improves the ability to communicate with, influence, and motivate others. Mary Jane can help your group:

  • Uncover the real needs of team members, customers, and colleagues
  • Earn the respect of others
  • Gain commitment from others
  • Hear the real issues behind what people say
  • Handle conflict effectively
  • Deal productively with resistance, upset and anger
  • Develop real power with people
  • Coach others for improved performance

A Few of Mary Jane’s Clients

Client Logos of Mary Jane MapesClient Logos of Mary Jane MapesClient Logos of Mary Jane Mapes

Your Make a Difference: Provide Service that is RARE presentation blew our newspaper advertising managers away with practical ideas on how to grow their business by building relationships…I consider it one of the best investments we’ve made in a while.”

— M.M., Michigan Press Association

Your program … was a life-changer for me. … Now I know I can create the vision of who I am and commit myself to being that person. That understanding is already having an impact on my life!”

—C.T., Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks

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