People, Performance & Productivity

people-performance-productivityEver wonder why people behave the way they do? Increase both leadership and sales skills with this keynote on understanding, appreciating and valuing different behavior types.

Different behavioral styles reveal themselves in distinct patterns of observable behavior. Being able to recognize these patterns, or “read people,” is an element of
emotional intelligence, and it’s a key skill for leading and motivating others.

This fast-paced, rib-tickling presentation is based on Mary Jane’s years of experience in teaching behavioral style differences to leadership and sales teams across the country. She helps audience members recognize themselves, their bosses, team members and customers at their behavioral best and worst.

Get Amazing Results from Fresh, Innovative Ideas

Mary Jane leaves audiences rolling with laughter as she fundamentally changes their perspectives about dealing with others. Participants gain a new-found appreciation for the differences of people they encounter every day in their work and personal lives.

This insightful program enlightens, revives, and rejuvenates audience members. They will come away with the ability to communicate and partner with people whom they previously struggled to even tolerate.

Mary Jane Reveals How To:

  • Understand, appreciate, and value different behavior styles
  • Work harmoniously with employees, team members and customers
  • Eliminate strife and decrease stress in the workplace
  • Improve teamwork across the organization
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Develop emotional intelligence, or the ability to “read people”
  • Recognize and maximize the gifts each behavioral style brings to the team
  • Deal with the challenges each behavioral style faces
  • Work and communicate effectively with people whose styles are different

A Mary Jane Mapes speech is never just the words, never just a method to accomplish a goal; it’s always an honest glimpse inside Mary Jane and thereby, a look into the mirror. It’s an opportunity to reach down and discover.”

— B.J., Lacks Industries

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