Riding the Waves of Change

riding-wave-changeOwnership changes, system changes, management changes, staff changes, policy changes, or organizational changes — any change has the power to create havoc if people aren’t equipped to deal with it.

In this enlightening and motivational keynote speech, Mary Jane Mapes looks at change from a new perspective. She reveals why people and organizations must keep growing, and how to effectively deal with this growth.

Powerful, Fresh Ideas

With growth comes more: More bureaucracy. More demand on available resources. More responsibility. More potential for conflict. More fear. More stress. People need help managing all this “more.”

In this thought-provoking keynote, Mary Jane takes audiences on a journey of self-discovery that leads to a stronger belief in themselves and a determination to make the most of change.

She explores the attitudes and behaviors leaders need to be constantly on-the-grow, able to navigate change, develop increased resiliency, and experience greater leadership and organization success.

Audiences will uncover reservoirs of resiliency, and reflect on the reasons change is good – something to embrace. They’ll leave with a strengthened resolve to commit to making needed changes.

Amazing Results:

  • Recognize the value of change.
  • Discover key attitudes for success
  • Learn to create options where there don’t appear to be any
  • Develop the ability to harness the creative energy needed to move into the future
  • Uncover the reason another way of winning is critical to long term success
  • Discover things that keep people stuck in the past, and why they need to grow
  • Create an attitude that promotes positive action
  • Eliminate self-imposed barriers
  • Discover the secret to winning with people and gaining their commitment
  • Recognize the importance of contributing to the good of the whole
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