Unlocking the Power of Executive Presence

Secrets the Ability to Engage, Influence and Lead

You know it when you see it—the CEO or public figure who commands attention with a seemingly magical combination of charisma and credibility—the one with Executive Presence.

On the other hand, you undoubtedly have also known the:

  • guy who’s got great technical skills, but gets consistently overlooked for promotion.
  • manager who can’t seem to motivate her team.
  • sales person who projects a lack of confidence and blows a deal.
  • CEO who crumbles in a crisis.

Executive Presence is more than simply the buzz word of the day. It is without a doubt the corporate it factor – directly linked to your ability to get noticed, create trust, and become a people magnet—the go to person to help solve problems and the one from whom others seek advice—the one with real STAR quality. It’s something that can be developed, and Mary Jane’s program, Unlocking the Power of Executive Presence shows you how.

From the moment Mary Jane steps on stage the audience is immediately engaged—actively involved—interacting with Mary Jane, but thinking about themselves and how they’re being perceived by others and about their own personal brand.

They’ll discover what they absolutely MUST bring to every encounter to guarantee that when they walk
out of an negotiation, or confrontation, or interview, or that presentation with senior leaders, that they’ll have left the impression that they are the real deal—that they’ve got what it takes—that they’ve
confident and poised and authentic—someone others should sit up, pay attention to and follow.

In this session with Mary Jane, you will discover how to:

  • Master the Power of Connection — Learn to read, adapt and speak the language of others
  • Express with Clarity and Conciseness —Identify a no-fail formula that speaks to the head and the heart of your listeners and compels them to take action
  • Cultivate Charisma —Understand the role of intentions and the power of “staying in the now” in achieving consistently positive outcomes
  • Heighten Your Credibility —Discover the role of preparedness in projecting a powerful image
  • Exemplify Composure —Learn how to remain composed when the stakes are high and the pressure is on

Executive roles, plum positions, and on-going professional success goes to those who look and act the part. While many believe that the magical combination of poise, confidence and authenticity is something, you’re born with, it’s more than likely a magnetism that’s been cultivated and refined.
Others have learned it, and you and members of your team can, too!

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