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Have you ever struggled to communicate or influence a direct report, boss, more senior leader, peer, vendor, or client? Is there someone in your organization with whom you grapple to even connect? Have you ever wished you had a magic wand that could make connections, communication, and relationship building easier? Well wish no longer. Adopt the habit of seeing from The P.I.G. Perspective.™  By seeing from The P.I.G. Perspective, I’ve been able to turn my greatest adversary into my greatest advocate, and, in all likelihood, you can, too. In fact, The P.I.G. Perspective makes it possible for you to connect, communicate, and influence almost anyone.

Just exactly, what is The P.I.G. Perspective? Simply stated, it’s your ability to see through the eyes of someone else – namely, your P.I.G., an acronym I used in my 2011 bestseller, You CAN Teach a Pig to Sing, to describe that person with whom you struggle to connect, communicate and cultivate a trusting relationship, necessary to becoming a truly influential leader.

A P.I.G. could be a Particularly Irritating Guy or Gal.  But it could just as easily be a Pompous Inane Gasbag, a Pesky Incessant Griper, a Purely Impossible Gossip….or it could be a Positively Intelligent Guy or Gal, a Pretty Influential Guy or Gal with whom you strain to connect, and yet desire a trusting relationship in order to build alliances and gain the support and advocacy you want and need to be successful.

The P.I.G. Perspective, as you might guess, is your ability as a human being to take a different perspective. For example, let’s say you are a supervisor in an organization that is undergoing massive change. With that change has come added stress for you because, as people are being taken off their regular assignments to work on projects that support the larger change, you are left with fewer people to do more work. As a result, those left in your department are resisting the additional workload and you’re experiencing greater moments of conflict.

This is where I’d suggest you close your eyes and try to imagine yourself in the shoes of one of your P.I.G.s, an employee from whom you are experiencing great resistance to the current workload. Try to see the current situation as that employee might see it. Then ask yourself, as the P.I.G., three questions:  “What do I want that I’m not getting in the workplace?” “What am I currently thinking and feeling?” and “What is my greatest fear?” Once you’re tried on your employee’s perspective, consider how your P.I.G.’s perspective differs from your own.

By taking on The P.I.G. Perspective, you gain a deeper understanding of the current situation from your employee’s point of view. You also find it easier to recognize the resistance as another point of view, rather than something the other guy is doing to make your life miserable.

Once you are able to see things from another’s point of view, it’s easier for you to give up the need to control how the other guy thinks and open yourself to being authentically interested in your P.I.G.’s perspective. By genuinely listening to understand, you lower the tension between the two of you and you increase trust. With increased trust comes greater power to influence in a positive direction – allowing you to lead rather than shove. It also puts you in a better position to make wiser decisions.

And the best part? By taking The P.I.G. Perspective, you become more magnanimous in your responses to those who differ with you, and able to value and learn from all people.

Are you willing to try on The P.I.G. Perspective?

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