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Do You Respond Negatively? A couple days ago I was on the inside lane of a four-lane street headed into town – two lanes in each direction, with lots of stops and starts. The traffic was heavy and the cars were travelling fairly close together. Without notice, the young woman driving in the car ahead […]

Mindfulness as a Success Strategy Let’s talk about mindfulness, which seems to be the new buzzword these days. Why? Because mindfulness could hold the secret to your success. So, what exactly is it? Mindfulness is, essentially, being aware. Some call it a type of meditation. It is the deliberate focus of one’s energy on the present moment […]

On the path to success and happiness, you are going to meet a lot of people. Some of these are going to be wonderful, supportive, cooperative colleagues with whom your relationship is mutually beneficial. You will see their presence as a support to your success, and you’ll wish the same for them on their own […]

Photo by Hamed Saber Have you ever noticed that some of the most magnetic personalities exude a quiet confidence that invites you to follow them? Have you ever marveled at those who, even in the midst of a storm, project a calm demeanor, able to make rational decisions that compel you to trust what they […]

  Do you believe that People Ignite Greatness – first within themselves and then within others – in that order? If so, you and I hold a similar perspective. As creator of The P.I.G. Perspective – Taking Business Relationships and Results Higher Through Deeper Connections™, I’m committed to help leaders and sales and service professionals […]

Whenever you open your mouth to speak, you set your tongue on fire with the power to build or destroy. The heat  that  ignites  what you put on your lips comes  from what you hold in your heart, and what you hold in your heart will either create or limit what’s possible.  The words you […]

If you’ve been watching the news lately, you know that JetBlue airlines left passengers stranded in a plane on the runway for seven hours without food, water, or working restrooms. Passengers were livid and even the pilot seemed ready to mutiny. This incident reminded me of a situation I experienced and wrote about in my […]