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Do You Know What People Want? Do you know what people want? It pays to know. It’s so simple, it more often than not gets completely overlooked. My son could see what Michelle, a little girl in his third-grade class, wanted on her birthday. He understood at an early age what people want. Regardless of […]

How Present Are You? First, let’s define what it means to be “present.” To be present simply means to be consciously in the “now,” not focused on the past or the future. It means being free from judgment, aware of and able to calmly acknowledge and accept what you hear, see, smell, taste or feel […]

  Do You Focus on an Alternate Reality? Just exactly what is an “alternate reality?”  It’s a reality that’s quite different than what you might initially assume.  For example, have you ever gotten upset with someone who didn’t respond to your phone calls and seemed to be ignoring you, only to discover an alternate reality […]

My friend Charlotte and I were in kindergarten. She had invited me to her house to play for the afternoon, and, at some point, asked me a puzzling question, “Would you like peanut butter on a spoon?” “What’s peanut butter on a spoon?” I asked. “It’s peanut butter on a spoon,” she stated with a rather baffled expression on […]