Aligned Leader 1Traits of an Aligned Leader

When you’re an authentic aligned leader (someone who lives and makes decisions based on your values and what you believe to be morally and ethically right and wrong), some amazing things happen.

Aligned leaders create a culture of trust within the organization, which is fundamental to being the kind of leader others desire to follow.

You are an aligned leader (and therefore a trustworthy leader) if you consistently choose to be guided by the invisible realm of the spirit, living life in accordance with universal laws and principles.

When acting in alignment with universal truths and with who and what you profess to be, you do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.

You may not feel respectful of others at all times, but you are.

You might be tempted to act unethically, but you don’t.

You may not feel like forgiving, but you do.

Why? Because your operating system is powered by something greater than ego, habitm and impulse – it is powered by an authentic spiritual realm.

Aligned leaders will then witness some remarkable changes in your direct reports:

  • They respect your choice to make a difference in the world and your commitment to fulfilling your purpose for being.
  • They see your wisdom in choosing to remain faithful to something greater than you.
  • They sense your commitment to them and their well-being.
  • They recognize you as a leader whose word is your bond, who is fair in your dealings, respectful of others, and who gives credit where due, living a life of purpose and reverence.
  • They sense they are safe with you and can trust you.
  • They recognize you as a person of noble character.

As a result, they choose to follow you and to do willingly that which they would not ordinarily do.

Because you are consistently aligned, you are not only trustworthy, but you are a powerful person who possesses the ability to transform yourself, your relationships, and your organization.

Of course, there’s so much more that goes into this.

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