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Do you want to be an enduring influence? If so, read on.

Who has encouraged you? Challenged you? Been a role model for you? How did they do it? Was it something they said? Did? Or was it simply a matter of witnessing their character in action? Each blog entry will expand on what it means to be a leader whose personal power is sustainable and whose influence is enduring.

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Now, here is my first entry.

Words are prophetic.

Sticks and stone will break your bones, but words can determine your future. My brother Pat remembers a poignant moment when one word from my dad made a lifetime of difference for Pat.

He was playing in a little league baseball game; my dad and I were in the stands nearby. The catcher missed the pitch, was hit by the ball and taken out of the game. The coach turned to the boys in the dugout, “Who wants to catch?” Before anybody could respond, my dad yelled out, “Pat’ll do it. He’s not afraid of anything.”

To this day Pat will tell you that those words have helped him face the biggest fears in his life, whether it was sloshing through the rice paddies in Viet Nam, attending his first year of law school, or appearing in front of a tough judge in court when his case wasn’t all that great. Pat has been wildly successful in his chosen career, and he will be the first to tell you that a word from our Dad, “Pat’ll do it. He’s not afraid of anything,” is what has made all the difference.

Words are prophetic. How have you used this simple form of encouragement to make a difference in someone’s life? If you haven’t, how could you use this bit of knowledge to become an enduring influence in the life of another?