You CAN Teach a Pig to Sing — Mary Jane’s Most-Requested Program

Maximize Your Influence, Your Relationships, and Your Life

Let’s face it – cooperative, productive, mutually rewarding relationships are good for business! Strong relationships lead to greater trust, more repeat business, less stress, and increased productivity and profitability.

What Does P.I.G. Mean?

The P.I.G. Perspective is outlined in Mary Jane’s popular book, You CAN Teach a PIG to Sing. It states there are all kinds of P.I.G.s: Pesky Incessant Gripers, Painfully Intolerable Gasbags, Particularly Irritating Guys or Gals, Pompous Inane Glory-hounds, or even Pretty Influential Guys and Gals. Unfortunately, it can be tough for different P.I.G.s to connect and communicate. But with a little understanding, self-awareness, and know-how, all kinds of P.I.G.s can work together to become People Igniting Greatness!

Get the Secrets to Irresistible Influence

In this insightful leadership keynote, Mary Jane reveals her innovative, laugh-out-loud insights for instantly connecting to and getting along with anyone – customers, customers, employees, supervisors, team members, colleagues, peers, or even family members.

Whether your event is a corporate-wide meeting or a state, regional, or national conference, Mary Jane will leave the audience feeling energized, inspired, and entertained!

From the P.I.G. Sty to Lasting Performance High — Game Changing Lessons:

  • Connect with almost anyone – instantly!
  • Communicate effectively in any situation
  • Cultivate World-Class Culture
  • Skyrocket the ability to self-manage
  • Develop a presence that influences others
  • Generate desired outcomes
  • Banish negativity
  • Eradicate destructive language
  • Stop unchecked emotions from limiting success
  • Become impervious to big egos and verbal attacks

Thank you for an outstanding presentation …. Your presentation, You CAN Teach a Pig to Sing, not only provided practical concepts and tools, but was highly personalized for our group. … You have the unique ability to craft your message to be easily understood, while making it a fun, interesting, and memorable experience. Everyone in the audience is still singing your praises!”

— R. E., Virginia Society of Association Executives