Mary Jane Mapes, Professional Speaker and Executive Coach

As a leader, one of your responsibilities is to discover what your employees are passionate about and then look for ways to feed that passion, a key to getting and keeping them motivated and committed to you and your organization. Are you doing that?

If not, be your own best coach.  Answer the following questions:

·    Do I know what kind of work each of my employees is passionate about?  If so, are they getting a chance to do that type of work?

·    Do I know the kinds of things each of my employees don’t enjoy doing? Am I doing my best to avoid giving them that kind of work?

·    Do I know what each of my employees enjoys: hobbies, places to shop, favorite foods, and interests?  If not, how can I find out?

·    When I show appreciation, am I giving it to them in the way they more appreciate? [For example, if you know they love shopping on Amazon, a gift card from Amazon with a nice note of appreciation would go a lot farther than a plaque to put on their wall.]

If people are in a job they feel passionate about doing and competent to perform it, they will stay loyal to your organization if they are appreciated, preferably in a way that means something to them personally.

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