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Success – how do we achieve it? In all my years of working with successful people, I’ve never had anyone scratch their head in amazement and tell me: “I have no clue how I got here! I just woke up today and I was a complete success! I guess I must just be one of the […]

• Would you like to consistently grab the attention of your audience, prospect, or client before you open your mouth? • Have you ever wondered why some people make an instant connection with others, while many folks struggle to be heard? • Did you ever wonder why certain people enter a room and, without saying […]

December, with the close of another year, is a time of reflection: What have I accomplished? What have I failed to get done? What do I want to finish in the coming year? In a reflective mood, thoughts often zero in on relationships that need repair or developed in order to move forward with creative […]

Leadership edge sounds enticing, doesn’t it? Well, it is — even to a baby. Now, don’t be put off by my use of my thirteen month old granddaughter as the example. Through her eyes you’ll discover the key to the leadership edge and what’s required to get it. Once you know, you’ll be forced to […]

Have you ever known someone with an uncanny ability to influence, never quite figuring out what they possessed that gave them such power? Have you ever worked with someone who held no college degree, no formal title, and no aspiration for leadership, but who demonstrated greater influence with team members than many with the title […]

Dave Gray Have you ever had a boss: you didn’t trust? who frustrated you by changing priorities and expectations almost daily? who described his entire team as difficult? These examples indicate the same problem: leadership inconsistency, producing fear, lack of trust, and/or inaction. Inconsistency is so prevalent that it’s often the subject of humor. […]

Attending a performance of our local symphony orchestra, my husband Bill and I were privileged to hear the first chair violinist perform a solo. I leaned over and whispered, “Bill, how much better can it get? This woman’s playing is sensational.” Had I considered that this was the warm up act for the evening’s virtuoso, […]