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Ever wondered if there was an indispensable leadership quality? Probably not one, but a combination defined as one. Picture this. You have been selected to represent your department at an executive board meeting of your Fortune 500 company. Your mission is to present a proposal for a project your department feels is critical to the […]

On the path to success and happiness, you are going to meet a lot of people. Some of these are going to be wonderful, supportive, cooperative colleagues with whom your relationship is mutually beneficial. You will see their presence as a support to your success, and you’ll wish the same for them on their own […]

“Mindfulness” seems to be the new buzzword of the day, and for good reason. It could be key to your success. Communities are promoting classes in mindfulness, and they claim all kinds of benefits as a result of its practice. Time Magazine made it the topic of their cover in the summer of 2014, and […]

Image credit: NAVFAC ( via Flickr Your pulse quickens, your eyelid twitches, your mind races. A stranger in the audience has just accused you and your company of intentionally lying to the public. How do you respond? If you have ever faced an audience unprepared for their questions, you undoubtedly know the fear certain questions […]

To exercise real influence, regardless of the situation, keep your intentions at the forefront of your conscious mind and listen for the intentions that drive others. You’ll need to be able to express these to exercise real influence. John sat across the table from me. I was interviewing him to gather information to customize the […]

Have you ever: seen someone lose their cool in a negotiation, only to regret it? witnessed someone being overlooked by senior leaders because he wasn’t perceived as a heavy hitter? known someone to blow an opportunity simply because she lacked the confidence? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, what you witnessed […]

Have you ever needed to confront someone about poor performance or an unacceptable behavior and walked into the meeting worried about creating a bigger problem for yourself, fearful of their response–and the meeting ended poorly? Have you ever gone into a meeting thinking to yourself, “I sure hope I don’t make myself look stupid.” Then, […]