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Do You Respond Negatively? A couple days ago I was on the inside lane of a four-lane street headed into town – two lanes in each direction, with lots of stops and starts. The traffic was heavy and the cars were travelling fairly close together. Without notice, the young woman driving in the car ahead […]

Mindfulness as a Success Strategy Let’s talk about mindfulness, which seems to be the new buzzword these days. Why? Because mindfulness could hold the secret to your success. So, what exactly is it? Mindfulness is, essentially, being aware. Some call it a type of meditation. It is the deliberate focus of one’s energy on the present moment […]

Are you a leader who looks at a problem, hoping to find the solution in your winning formula, as opposed to staying focused on the desired outcome? Our winning formula is what we do to make up for what’s wrong. The natural state of being human is constantly comparing everything in life to what “should” […]

You’ve heard it said that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  I’d like to add that it also forms your character. Character has been defined as the sum total of all the little decisions you make daily, even when no one is looking.  Character and effective leadership go hand in hand. By your daily […]

Last night I spoke for an audience of about 100, most of whom were unemployed, underemployed, looking to change jobs or move up in their organizations. Some were college students and some were laid off leaders. Everyone from professionals to production workers were represented. The majority didn’t remember what things were like in the mid-eighties, […]

I thank God every day that one of my greatest role models, my father, was decisive.  Once he made up his mind, he moved forward with the determination required to succeed, regardless of the obstacles. He was undaunted. When he met with a temporary setback, he always found another solution. He never lost sight of […]

Do you like riddles? Here’s one for you: On day one, a large lake contains only a single small lily pad. Each day the number of lily pads doubles, until on the thirtieth day the lake is totally choked with vegetation. On what day was the lake half full? The answer: on the 29th day. […]