Recently I had a client who came to me for help because she was not feeling heard, and didn’t know what was standing in her way. After listening to her briefly, it became evident to me that the problem was with her voice. It surprised me that no one had shared this with her previously. She spoke rapidly, demonstrated unclear enunciation, and had the habit of ending each sentence on the up-swing as if it were a question. These three issues resulted in an open invitation to ignore her if she spoke for any length of time.

It didn’t take long to help.

In just one session, by having her practice a few simple exercises, this bright, fast learner was able to completely change the rate, pitch, and clarity of her speech. She began to experience immediate positive results. People seemed to be paying more attention to her when she spoke, and clients were spending more time with her, taking more of an interest in new products she was offering, Not only did these changes help increase her confidence in herself as a communicator, but clients showed an increase in their confidence in her as a professional and trustworthy person with whom to do business.

Perhaps it’s time to get the help you need. Ask  yourself some questions.

Are you faced the same challenge again and again, just to end up hitting your head against the wall in total frustration? Are you putting off getting the help you need because you are determined to fix the problem yourself? Do you have any idea how much frustration, time, energy, and money you are willing to spent trying to do it on your own before you finally seek help?  If this is you, perhaps now’s the time to reach out. If this was you in the past, I’d love to know your response to the following question.

What was YOUR personal experience in waiting to get help and what did it end up costing you in frustration, energy, time, customers, and cash?

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