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Latest "Living Your Values" Posts

Last week I spoke for a room of approximately 150 leaders. My focus was on the importance of being an authentic leader – someone aligned with your values and what you believe to be morally and ethically right and wrong. My belief is that such alignment breeds trust, fundamental to being the kind of leader […]

Leadership edge sounds enticing, doesn’t it? Well, it is — even to a baby. Now, don’t be put off by my use of my thirteen month old granddaughter as the example. Through her eyes you’ll discover the key to the leadership edge and what’s required to get it. Once you know, you’ll be forced to […]

As national elections loom, debates among top contenders are imminent. Once campaigns heat up, its not uncommon to hear accusations of lying, cheating, and stealing, with members of each major political party pointing the finger at their opponents. It’s our responsibility as the voting public to seek out the facts, discover the truth, and vote […]

In interviewing 12 outstanding leaders for my soon-to-be-released book, The Unstoppables – 12 Women Leaders’ Journey to the Top, one lesson kept popping up over and over again: the importance of maintaining integrity by making decisions and taking actions based on one’s values. Lillain Bauder, one of the 12, exemplifies an outstanding leader who, from […]

Joe Tye, Values Coach, knows the importance of living out your values and the difference it makes to an organization’s culture. Without clear values and a daily demonstration of those values in everyday operations, an organization is apt to struggle with creating the culture they most desire. Listen to Joe as he shares from his […]