Are you looking to transform your business relationships and alter perceptions? Do you want to lower stress and anxiety and increase the recognition and rewards? Then try my 5 Step Power Process. Here’s a bird’s eye view:

P=Produce a relationship vision. Everything that has ever been created began with vision.
Human beings have a tremendous power to visualize. In fact, your eyes are taking in approximately 4 million bytes of information per second, processing, and forming pictures in your mind’s eye. You have the ability to picture almost anything in your mind’s eye, and that same aptitude plays a key role in what you are able to achieve. The mental pictures that you carry around with you have a strange way of materializing. First conception, then birth. It works the same for the relationships you want.

However, before producing your relationship vision, it’s important to gain insight into why people behave as they do. And, why they communicate the way they do. Armed with this information, you are better able to create the vision that will get you the outcomes you want. Visualize the relationship you want, and then act as if you already have it. This is the P in the 5 Step POWER Process.

O=Observe and Alter Your Beliefs. Your beliefs drive your actions. To transform relationships you need to know you and what you believe about yourself and others. This includes how you acquired those beliefs (that drive your thoughts and feelings and, ultimately, your actions), and how to bring those beliefs to the light of day and change any that aren’t serving you. This is the work of the leader who wants and needs transformed relationships in order to be successful. This is the O in the 5 Step Power Process.

W=Wait for the Real Message. Only when you understand what others want and need from you and how to help them get it are you able to consciously build trust. Genuine trust is a requisite to truthful, authentic relationships. Not only does your ability to wait for the real message require a skill set that most people lack (primarily because they were never taught), but the right mindset needed to remain open is mandatory. All of this begins with self-awareness and self-management, the next step in the 5 Step Power Process. Without self-awareness, you’ll never know what is getting in your way of waiting for the real message of another to be revealed.  Armed with self-knowledge, self-management, and the ability and skills essential to know another, you are well on your way to creating relationships built on trust and understanding – foundational to real influence.  This is the W in the 5 Step POWER Process.

E=Exercise Self-Awareness and Control. Captain Sully Sullenberger, the pilot of US Airways flight 1549 who landed his plane in the Hudson River after flying into a flock of geese, became an overnight hero. It wasn’t so much that he saved the lives of the 155 passengers on board who walked away with barely a scratch. Rather it was his ability to remain calm in the midst of a crisis and make the right decision that gained him hero status. This ability doesn’t just happen; it is learned. And it begins with self-awareness and the ability to self-manage, able to control the mind and emotions in any situation. Learning how to do that makes it possible to choose positive responses that lead to less stress, more harmonious relationships, better decisions, and greater influence. This is the E in the 5 Step Power Process.

R=Root Out Your Anger. Anger can be used for both positive and negative ends. Therefore, its vital to understand the root causes of anger and what’s required to gain control and channel your anger for productive results. Armed with this ability, you can avoid the negative mental, emotional, and physical consequences associated with anger and, instead, use it productively to strengthen relationships. Without this knowledge, you become a slave to your emotions–and that rarely, if ever, leads to stronger, trusting ties with others.  This is the R in the 5 Step Power Process.

This is a Leaders’ 5 Step POWER Process to Real POWER in Business and Beyond: Authentic, honest trusting relationships.

Do you want to transform your relationships and alter perceptions (even with those who could make or break your career)?  Do you want to decrease stress and anxiety and increase recognition and rewards?

If you answered yes to either or both questions above and want to dive deeper into the process, click here to discover how.

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