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  Are you primed for influence? How you are primed makes a difference. What do John Kennedy, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, and Ronald Reagan all have in common besides the fact that all are remembered as powerful leaders? Answer: All were leaders whose words rocked the world, inspired millions, and helped change the course […]

3 Ways Leaders Build Trust Trust and integrity are inseparable. Both are fundamental to authentic, healthy relationships. And relationships are the bedrock of leadership. Here are three Powerful and Easy ways a leader (formal or informal) can build trust at work. 1) Coach…Don’t Coddle or Control.  You don’t have to have been around long to notice […]

Success – how do we achieve it? In all my years of working with successful people, I’ve never had anyone scratch their head in amazement and tell me: “I have no clue how I got here! I just woke up today and I was a complete success! I guess I must just be one of the […]

December, with the close of another year, is a time of reflection: What have I accomplished? What have I failed to get done? What do I want to finish in the coming year? In a reflective mood, thoughts often zero in on relationships that need repair or developed in order to move forward with creative […]

Have you ever known someone with an uncanny ability to influence, never quite figuring out what they possessed that gave them such power? Have you ever worked with someone who held no college degree, no formal title, and no aspiration for leadership, but who demonstrated greater influence with team members than many with the title […]

Have you ever noticed that almost everyone loves a winner? That’s especially true when it comes to athletics. In 2016 the Olympic Games will open in Rio de Janeiro, and the television camera crews will be there to capture, close up, the faces of exhilaration on the Olympic Gold Medal winners. Have you ever noticed […]

                                                    Orin Zebest Ruth walked into Richard’s office and gave her two-week notice. As she delivered the news that she’d just been hired as CEO of another organization, her boss looked on–speechless. When at last able to speak, all Richard could muster was,  “Congratulations.  How wonderful for you.” As Ruth went on talking, Richard […]