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Success – how do we achieve it? In all my years of working with successful people, I’ve never had anyone scratch their head in amazement and tell me: “I have no clue how I got here! I just woke up today and I was a complete success! I guess I must just be one of the […]

  Do you believe that People Ignite Greatness – first within themselves and then within others – in that order? If so, you and I hold a similar perspective. As creator of The P.I.G. Perspective – Taking Business Relationships and Results Higher Through Deeper Connections™, I’m committed to help leaders and sales and service professionals […]

Whenever you open your mouth to speak, you set your tongue on fire with the power to build or destroy. The heat  that  ignites  what you put on your lips comes  from what you hold in your heart, and what you hold in your heart will either create or limit what’s possible.  The words you […]